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We hope you enjoyed watching the video and had a chance to see the clubs in use from various positions around the green solving many of the tricky issues that golf gives you. We obviously had arranged for Martin And Dennis to be on camera to share with you how they are finding using their Heavenly Hybrid clubs but we guarantee that Graham was simply walking past playing a game. As he finished the hole we asked him if he would be kind enough to share with you his experience as well, and as you have just seen he very kindly did and you were able to see how much more he is now enjoying his game since switching to the LSH-c Heavenly Hybrid clubs.


We have listed below some stats for you read about what happens to your game when you use the LSH-c irons.


On average you will hit your shots 9% longer with Heavenly Hybrids making your shot into the green easier

On tests that we carried out we saw that you would have 65% success in hitting your shot out of a bunker and onto a green on your first attempt! Which we feel is very impressive, especially when playing your own Sand Iron the percentage of first time shots hitting the green dropped to 52%.

70% of your pitch shots hit the green when using the Heavenly Hybrid Pitching Wedge from the rough under 20 yards (59% with traditional irons)

77% of your chips over bunkers using the Heavenly Hybrid Wedges ended on the green (68% with traditional irons)

So as you can see the results that you get when using the LSH-c Heavenly Hybrid irons are impressive, and the added bonus to using these is that you are unable shank the ball!! its that easy.

We can guarantee that the above statistics are all 100% genuine. They all came about by us testing the clubs on a wide range of golfers ability from scratch to 36 handicaps, both men and ladies and without any practice first.

If you would like to have a try before you buy its really simple, please email us and we will gladly add you to the list and send you some as soon as we have them back.

Heavenly Hybrid is focused on producing golf clubs that improve your game straight away without having to learn any new techniques. We have over 20 years experience in the golf industry and have seen a lot of changes, we believe that full sets of hybrids will be the next major change that is about to happen. Companies are always striving to make the game of golf more enjoyable and simple for you, which is what we believe we have achieved through our LSH-c range of hybrid irons.