LSH-c  Ladies 3-SW
LSH-c  Ladies 3-SWLSH-c  Ladies 3-SWLSH-c  Ladies 3-SW  
LSH-c Ladies 3-SW

See your shots fly LONGER, STRAIGHTER & HIGHER than before with the new LSH-c range from Heavenly Hybrid. These can also be custom fit - see custom fit page.




"Sand play is now a joy"


"As a beginner I always struggled with my iron play & was always happier using my rescue hybrid, and then I was introduced to the heavenlies and that's exactly what they are! After trying them out I was so impressed that I bought the full set. I now prefer the 3 & 4 to my fairway wood and am confident using all of them as opposed to the irons where I could never get on with the 5. The results/distance are so much better than with traditional irons which for a lady golfer is vital. The sand wedge is something else, almost a pleasure to land in a bunker! Invariably the ball just pops out now! They have certainly improved my game and have helped me to lower my handicap."


When we tested the clubs on lady golfers what we found out, was that the ladies were much more confident when using these clubs as the worry about getting the ball air born was gone. So when we made them hit shots over hazards they stopped worrying about the hazard and were able to focus on hitting a good shot with excellent results.

The clubs also helped immensely with giving the ladies more distance, which is most ladies problem in golf, distance!!

So if you are looking for a new set of clubs to help you hit the ball further and make the game more enjoyable for you then we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the LSH-c Heavenly Hybrid irons.


This full set of irons gives you the confidence that you are looking for from hitting those long irons into a green, or needing more accuracy with your mid iron shots to giving you greater confidence in your short game.

The new LSH from Heavenly Hybrid are sure to make a difference to your game, see the stats below to find out how much you need these clubs.

When you use these, on average you will hit the ball 9% LONGER which works out to 1-2 clubs longer making your shot into the green much easier!

On average you will be 10% more ACCURATE from inside 20 yards which means fewer shots and lower scores!

Start making you game more enjoyable right now, by purchasing a set of the LSH-c Heavenly Hybrid irons.


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