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1. LSH-c Mens 3-SW
2. LSH-c Mens 7 iron
3. LSH-c Mens PW
4. LSH-c Mens 9 iron
5. LSH-c Mens 8 iron
6. LSH-c Mens MID IRON Package
7. LSH-c Mens 5 iron
8. LSH-c Mens SW
9. LSH-c Mens 6 iron
10. LSH-c Mens GW

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8. LSH-c Mens MID IRON Package
9. LSH-c Mens LONG IRON Package
10. LSH-c Ladies GW
Heavenly HybridHeavenly HybridHeavenly HybridHeavenly HybridHeavenly HybridHeavenly Hybrid


LSH-c Mens 3-SW

LSH-c   Mens 3-SW

LSH-c Head Cover

LSH-c Head Cover


The New Senior Mens and Ladies Hybrid sets are in stock!!


Images will appear shortly but you can still buy them from this site now


"I think I have found a new lease of my golfing life"


Is how one man described his impressions after trying out the new LSH-c Heavenly Hybrids. Joe Barnett, 71 years old and Vice Captain of Ashford (Kent) Golf Veterans section tried out a half set of the revolutionary hybrids and was immediately impressed. "I received them on a Tuesday and won our Vets Swindle on Wednesday, shooting 5-over gross for 39 points around our tree-lined par 71 course. I now play off a 8 handicap, having gone up from 6 in the past 2 years and my game was not as reliable as before.  My mid to long iron play was by far the worst aspect of my play and these hybrids have really helped me. In addition I had begun for the first time to suffer from the occasional shank, especially around the greens, but it is absolutely impossible to do so with these clubs, which greatly improves ones confidence.  I was concerned that they might not be as accurate as my irons but it was soon obvious that they were in fact straighter. Also they were about a club longer. In fact they were better for me in every way except in working the ball. To me they are meant to go straight and indeed that is what they do, but so far after just a couple of rounds I do find it hard to deliberately draw or fade them. But hey, straight isn’t bad, is it? Overall I am very impressed and look forward to playing with them for a long time. After my own experience I would have no hesitation in recommending these clubs to anyone. Give them a try you will be surprised just how good they are."





"Sand play is now a joy" says Debbie Sales


"As a beginner I always struggled with my iron play & was always happier using my rescue hybrid, and then I was introduced to the heavenlies and that's exactly what they are! After trying them out I was so impressed that I bought the full set. I now prefer the 3 & 4 to my fairway wood and am confident using all of them as opposed to the irons where I could never get on with the 5. The results/distance are so much better than with traditional irons which for a lady golfer is vital. The sand wedge is something else, almost a pleasure to land in a bunker! Invariably the ball just pops out now! They have certainly improved my game and have helped me to lower my handicap."

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