HH1 - 33" - White
HH1 - 33" - WhiteHH1 - 33" - WhiteHH1 - 33" - WhiteHH1 - 33" - WhiteHH1 - 33" - White
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HH1 - 33" - White

HH1 right handed putter

33" Black Shaft - White Head


33" Black Shaft - White Head


Watch the HH1 in action now - https://youtu.be/XRtymaqSSxI


 Due to the hybrid head design giving the ball extra power at Impact, we have been able to make this putter much lighter than other putters giving you much more control of your stroke. NEVER BEFORE HAS A PUTTER BEEN ABLE TO BE SO LIGHT - that is until now.

Its here right now - THE WORLDS MOST FORGIVING PUTTER - that is in our opinion. The HH1 putter with its unique hybrid head design will really make a difference to you, and here is why -

Long putts
The ball comes off the face of the HH1 so fast and sweetly that you are now able to make a shorter stroke when faced with a long putt, meaning that the shorter your stroke, the more consistent and accurate you will be. The design of this hybrid head ALSO allows your off centre  strikes to roll just as good and as far as your perfectly struck putts, giving you incredible distance control and accuracy on all long putts without the worry of achieving a good strike.

Short putts
The 2 main reasons for you missing short putts are
- your aim is poor and you do not strike the ball with the centre of the putter enough causing the ball to move off line.
 How the HH1 sits on the ground along with the top alignment line being so clear, you will find it almost impossible to not aim this putter correctly, giving you much more chance of holing those all important putts. As mentioned before, the hybrid head with its large sweet spot and extreme forgiveness, will give you the confidence in that an off centre struck putt, will also have more chance of staying on the intended line and ending up in the hole much more often.



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