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On this page you will be able to read in a little more detail how the LSH-c Heavenly Hybrid irons will solve your problems with your iron play meaning that you will improve your game. We have aquired the information from tests that we carried out and can guarantee 100% the results.  We also aquired information from golfers that are currently using them.



Hit The Ball Further


We spent time testing Heavenly Hybrid LSH-c clubs in a different way to other manufacturers, instead of using the robotic arm to hit the perfect shot every time to see how well the ball went, we used golfers like you, and the results were amazing!

Not only did we find that you hit the LSH-c irons from Heavenly Hybrid  9% further, but the roll distance with the LSH-c was considerably less. This means that instead of you hitting an iron shot into a green and the ball bouncing and rolling on through, with the Heavenly Hybrid LSH-c irons the ball lands and stops much quicker meaning that the majority of the time it will leave you a putt, its a s simple as that.

So, the Heavenly Hybrid LSH-c will help you to hit 9% further.



Would you like more height on your shots


How many times have you hit that shot only for it to not fly high or far enough for you to carry that bunker, well, now you can solve that problem and stop worrying so much about height and carry when you start using your Heavenly Hybrid LSH-c irons.


These heads are all hybrid and have a lower profile than irons, this means that the measurement from the bottom on the club face to the top is shorter on the LSH-c, giving the ball a higher launch angle which in turn will give you a higher flying, longer carrying shot. Thus making short work of any hazards that might be in your way. These clubs acheive the height so easily that we use a mid kick point shaft to help with launching the ball forwards, increasing your overall carry and distance.


The high flying LSH-c irons from Heavenly Hybrid.



Improve your short game


We tested golfers in this area from 50 yards and under, from the fairway, rough, over hazards and in bunkers with excellent results.


What we found was that not only did you hit the green more often with the Heavenly Hybrid LSH-c irons, but your shots also ended on average alot closer to the hole giving you more opportunity to one putt and it is really that easy.


Then there is the bunker!! there was a 52% success rate in the first shot coming out and ending on the green with their own clubs and a huge improvement to 65% when using the LSH-c. When chipping over a bunker the golfers were 68% successful when using their clubs, and it is 77% success when using the LSH-c. This has also led to golfers that are using the LSH-c irons to be alot more confident around the green as they find the shot easier..





So, from the above information you can see that purchasing a set of Heavenly Hybrid LSH-c irons will tick all the boxes that you are looking for to help improve your game, which in turn will make playing golf a much more enjoyable experience which, if we are honest is very important to you.


From the results that we have seen during testing and from hearing how golfers like you have got on using their Heavenly Hybrid LSH-c irons, we can come to one conclusion. The Heavely Hybrid LSH-c irons will dramatically improve your game solving all those headache rounds of golf.


Whilst the clubs are still at their offer price we suggest you buy a set now, and good luck.



Let us help you


Feel free to have a try before you buy! Simply go to the contacts page and send us a email and we will send you some trial clubs as soon as we can.

If you have any questions relating to these clubs please feel free to go to the contact page and ask, we will only be to pleased to help. We are only interested in selling you clubs, that will improve your game. To find out more about the designer PGA Professional Stuart Smith please go to his web site www.stuartsmithgolfacademy.com